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Please submit your entry to the 6th Global Benchmarking Award by 5.00pm, Wednesday 1st August 2018. You will receive notification on whether your entry has qualified for “Round 2: Present Your Benchmarking Approach” by Wednesday 15th August. If successful you will be requested to pay the Entry Fee by Monday 5th September and invited to give a presentation on your benchmarking approach at the 6th Global Benchmarking Award to be held at the Global Organisational Excellence Congress, 10/12th December, 2018.

If you have any questions please email Dr Robin Mann, r.s.mann@massey.ac.nz.

To enter the Global Benchmarking Award complete the Global Benchmarking Award Entry Form.

The form below shows the questions on the Global Benchmarking Award Entry Form for your reference only.


Explain how benchmarking (comparing and learning from others) is an integral part of your organisation’s improvement and innovation drive. When answering this question, consider the following questions:

Definition and types of benchmarking

  • What is your organisation’s definition of benchmarking?
  • What types of benchmarking does your organisation use?
Maximum half a page answer – do not go over half a page. Graphs and pictures may be used if applicable.
Leadership commitment

  • Describe how your benchmarking approach is supported by your senior leaders and integrated with your organisation’s overall improvement approach?
  • Are benchmarking projects/initiatives aligned to strategic imperatives?
  • Do you have systems and approaches in place to assess current performance against best practice performance and learn from and apply best practices?
  • Describe how your benchmarking activities are organized?  What resources, strategies and policies are in place to ensure benchmarking is understood and used throughout your organisation?
  • Do your leaders advocate and ensure compliance to a benchmarking code of conduct to ensure that benchmarking is conducted in an ethical manner with full transparency and integrity?
  • Do you have a recognition system in place to encourage benchmarking?
  • Do your leaders regularly review and improve your organisation’s benchmarking approach?
Maximum one page answer – do not go over one page. Graphs and pictures may be used if applicable.
Pervasiveness of benchmarking

  • How is benchmarking embedded within your organizational culture?
  • What approaches or systems are used to encourage your staff to learn from best practices? Provide examples of informal approaches to learn and share best practices (e.g. social networking, use of internal and/or external  benchmarking portals, company visits, sharing sessions,  conferences, website searches) to formal approaches (e.g. benchmarking projects, use of benchmarking methodology, processes used to select benchmarking partners, methods used for comparing performance data).
  • How is internal knowledge captured and shared as well as from other organizations?
  • Is everyone involved in benchmarking or just a few people?
  • Are your people trained on what is benchmarking and how to do benchmarking?
Maximum one page answer – do not go over one page. Graphs and pictures may be used if applicable.
Formality of benchmarking

  • Is a structured and systematic approach used for identifying and implementing best practices? Is this approach documented and consistently applied by your staff? Is this approach regularly reviewed?
  • Are benchmarking projects supported by senior management from initiation to implementation to review?
  • What benchmarking projects have been undertaken? Are these projects in a few areas or across the whole organization?
  • Is training and support provided for benchmarking projects?
  • How are the findings from benchmarking projects shared and stored?
  • How are benchmarking partners selected? Is there a process for this?
  • Are partners selected from the same industry or different industries?
  • How do you ensure that the best practices which are identified are implemented and achieve the desired results?
  • Is there a focus on benchmarks (comparing numbers) or on benchmarking (learning from the best practices of other organisations)?
Maximum one page answer – do not go over one page. Graphs and pictures may be used if applicable.
Results achieved

  • How many benchmarking projects/initiatives have been undertaken?
  • How many of your people have been trained in benchmarking?
  • What have been the results of your benchmarking projects/initiatives?
  • What has been the organizational impact of benchmarking?
Maximum one page answer – do not go over one page. Graphs and pictures may be used if applicable.


A) If my organisation’s entry is successful in Round 1, we are willing to participate in Round 2 and give a presentation at the 12th International Benchmarking Conference at the Global Organisational Excellence Congress, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 10/12th December, 2018. We understand that Round 1 is free and Round 2 requires the payment of an Entry Fee by Wednesday 5th September 2018.
B) I understand that the name of my organization will be published on the Global Benchmarking Award website should we qualify to Round 2. If we do not qualify we understand that our organization’s name and entry will not be published.
C) I understand that if we qualify to Round 2 our presentation will be recorded on video, and that finalist and winners videos  and entry forms will be made publically available on the GBN website’s (globalbenchmarking.org, globalbenchmarkingaward.com) and the BPIR.com (supporter of the award).  However, I understand my organisation will be able to remove any commercially sensitive information from the videos and entry forms before they are made public. All organisations that qualify to Round 2 will be given one free password to the BPIR.com for one year’s access. I understand I will be notified if there is interest in publishing my organisation’s benchmarking approach on other websites.


Organisation name
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Finally, please advise who or what organisation first made you aware of the Global Benchmarking Award:

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