The Competition takes place in 2 rounds.

Round 1: Document Your Benchmarking Approach

Closing Date: 5.00pm, Friday 21st September 2018

Participants are required to complete the entry form and describe their benchmarking approach.

A panel of judges will assess the entries by Friday 5th October and invite organisations that reach the required standard to Round 2 at the 12th International Benchmarking Conference, 10/12th December.


Competition Entry Fee due: 5.00pm, Wednesday 5th September

Organisations will be required to pay an Entry Fee to participate in Round 2. This fee is payable by Monday 29th October and includes two free registration to the conference. Additional registrations can be purchased from the Global Organisational Excellence Congress website.

Round 2: Present Your Benchmarking Approach

Date: 10/12th December 2018.
Venue: 12th International Benchmarking Conference at the Global Organisational Excellence Congress, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Those that qualify will be invited to give an 8 minute presentation. This will be assessed by a panel of judges. Instructions on the format of the presentation are shown here. The organizers will be available to provide advice and comment on the presentation slides from 15th to 30th November – to help entrants deliver a strong presentation.

The winners and runners up for the Global Benchmarking Award will be announced at the conclusion of the conference. Additional registrations can be purchased from the conference organisers.

Dependent on the number of entries two presentations may be required.


  1. The winner of the Global Benchmarking Award is prohibited from entering again for a period of 3 years.
  2. Rules and Guidelines for “Round 2: Present Your Benchmarking Approach” are shown here.

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