The 6th Global Benchmarking Award will be held at the 11th International Benchmarking Conference (combined with the APQO’s International Quality Conference), Okada Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines, 22-25th October, 2017.

The Global Benchmarking Award encourages organisations to share how benchmarking (comparing and learning from others) is an integral part of their improvement and innovation drive.

The GBN’s Global Benchmarking Award was designed by Benchmarking Partnerships (Australia), BestPrax Club (India) and COER (New Zealand) on behalf of the GBN. It was first trialed in India in 2010 and first awarded in New Zealand in December, 2012. COER organises the Global Benchmarking Award each year on behalf of the GBN.

Prize Categories:

6th GBN’s Global Benchmarking Award

Winner and 2 runners up.

Closing date of entries, 5.00pm, Friday 8 September 2017

The Competition Format and Timeline
Entry Form (Round 1 – Document Your Best Practices)
Entry fee
Presentation Guidelines (Round 2 – Present Your Best Practice)

Benefits of Participation

Watch video clips on the benefits obtained from previous participants

  • To recognize your organisation, individuals and teams responsible for your benchmarking systems and culture.
  • To create new levels of motivation and enthusiasm for undertaking benchmarking projects and initiatives in the pursuit of best practices.
  • To obtain feedback on how your organisation’s benchmarking approach can be improved and sustained.
  • To build awareness locally and internationally of your organisation’s commitment to move forward at pace through seeking new knowledge and leading edge practices.
  • All applicants that qualify to Round 2 will receive a certificate of recognition.
  • Applicants that qualify to Round 2 will have their presentations videoed and receive a copy of all the videos.
  • All applicants that qualify to Round 2 will receive one password and one year’s free access to the Business Performance Improvement Resource,
  • The finalists for the Global Benchmarking Award will receive an award. The overall winner will receive an award and organizational-wide password access to the Business Performance Improvement Resource, for one year.
  • The finalists and winners will receive enhanced publicity through a range of local and international media channels.

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