Incorporating the 10th International Best Practice Competition, 6th Organisation-Wide Innovation Award &

9th Global Benchmarking Award

– A Virtual Event –

Awards Final:

8 August 2024

Late entries accepted until 29 July

robert_campBenchmarking is the search for industry best practices that lead to superior performance.” This definition concentrates on achieving superior performance. In this regard it pursues the best of the best practices, best of class, or best of breed. That is, those best practices that are to be pursued regardless of where they exist – in one’s own company, industry, or outside one’s industry. It is only this view that will ensure superiority rather than parity”, Dr Robert Camp, Honorary Life-time President, Global Benchmarking Network (GBN)

6th Global Benchmarking Award winner (Video)
Roads and Transport Authority, UAE
Roads and Transport Authority
5th Global Benchmarking Award winner (Video)
Al Jazeera International Catering LLC, UAE
4th Global Benchmarking Award winner (Video)
The Medical City, PhilippinesThe Medical City
3rd Global Benchmarking Award winner (Video)
OCBC Bank, SingaporeOCBC
2nd Global Benchmarking Award winner (Video)
Knowledge and Human Development Authority, UAEkhda
1st Global Benchmarking Award winner (Video)
Watson Real Estate Limited, New Zealandwatson

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