1Document Your Benchmarking Approach Open to all organisations. Complete the GBN Award Entry FormEarly submissions welcome (if submitted earlier you will have more time to address our reviewers’ feedback and improve your application). Thursday 6 June
Expert reviewers will assess your application. These reviewers are independent of the judges and their role is to select the applications for the final and provide feedback and advice that will improve the standard of successful applications.Thursday 20 June
Entry fee required (only payable if your entry qualifies to the final).Monday 8 July
Submissions to be updated and improved based on feedbackMonday 8 July
All finalists need to prepare a 15-minute pre-recorded presentation and send it to the GBN committee at least 5 days before the scheduled presentation date for review to ensure compliance with the presentation guidelines.Friday 2 August 2024
2Best of the Best – Awards SpectacularFinal of the Global Benchmarking Award. Up to six (6) applicants will be invited to the final. At the final the applicant’s 15-minute pre-recorded presentation will be played followed by a live Question and Answer session with a panel of judges. These sessions are open so that other participants can learn from them.  All participants will have their benchmarking approach graded using the GBN’s Certification Scheme. Winner(s) selected based on highest star rating.Thursday 8 August 2024
GBN CertificatesGBN Certificates including Star Ratings will be issued to all participants after moderating and aligning the judges’ assessments.Monday 19 August 2024


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