presentation guidelines

Organizations that have qualified to Round 2 will be invited to give a 15 minute presentation.  This does not seem long but it is surprising how much content can be covered in a well-crafted presentation.

All presentations must be sent in advance as pre-recorded presentations. This will ensure there are no technical hiccups. Participants must attend their scheduled presentation session to answer the judges questions.

The time of each presentation will be shown on the Event Programme.


  1. Practice your presentation to ensure it lasts no longer than 15 minutes.
  2. The following is a recommended outline for an 15 minute Global Benchmarking Award presentation:
      • Slide No.1 – Name of organization.
      • Slide No.2 – Overview of the organization e.g. size, location, products and service.
      • Slide No.3 – The organisation’s definition of benchmarking and the types used,
      • Slide No.4 – Leadership commitment to benchmarking
      • Slides No.5 and 6 – The pervasiveness of benchmarking – describe how the organisation encourages a best practice culture, sharing and learning.
      • Slides No.7 to 8 – The formality of benchmarking – describe how the organisation undertakes structured benchmarking projects and provide an example.
      • Slide No.9 – Results achieved from benchmarking.
      • Slide No.10 – Lessons learnt and next steps.

    Refer to the questions in the Benchmarking Entry form when designing your presentation. In terms of the number of slides the above is a guideline.  Your main consideration is to stick within the time-line. The majority of your time should be spent on Slides 3 to 10 in the example above. Slides 1 and 2 should be brief – do not dwell on these.

  3. For the Global Benchmarking Award your written entry and presentation will be assessed on the following criteria:
    • Leadership commitment to benchmarking
    • Pervasiveness of benchmarking
    • Formality of benchmarking
    • Results achieved
  4. Include photographs or videos in your presentation to help you to explain your benchmarking approach. Pictures are worth a 1000 words.
  5. During your presentation, talk clearly and smoothly. Clarity is of the essence. Presenters with English as their mother tongue and a fast mode of speaking should think of other people in the audience whose mother tongue may not be English since this is an international event.
  6. Rehearse well even if you are an experienced presenter. Your audience is sophisticated, thus, reading from slides during a presentation is deemed unprofessional.
  7. More than one person can deliver the presentation but in this case it is even more important to practice the presentation to ensure it does not exceed the specified time limit.
  8. Examples of past winner presentations are shown here. More examples are shown in the Best Practice Improvement Resource – including written applications.
  9. The organizers are available to provide advice and comment on your presentation slides if sent 10 days or more prior to the presentation date. This will assist all entrants to deliver a strong presentation. Send your presentations for checking to


  1. Send your final pre-recorded presentation to  using or a google share folder at least 5 days before the scheduled presentation date for review to ensure compliance with the presentation guidelines. All pre-recorded files should be in MP4 format. The chairman of the session will play your pre-recorded presentation at the event.
  2. For pre-recorded presentations it is recommended that your  presentation  shows  your  slides and includes a small image of the presenter to give a human touch to the presentation. Most on-line meeting software such as Zoom offers this capability. Refer to the image shown as a good example.
  3. Embed any videos in your pre-recorded presentation.
  4. Pre-recorded presentations must comply with the time limit of  15 minutes for the GBN’s Global Benchmarking Award. If your presentation exceeds the allocated time the additional footage will not be shown to the judges.
  5. Whilst your presentation is pre-recorded you need to attend the session to answer the judges’ questions. Failure to turn- up at your allocated Q&A timeslot is likely to adversely affect your best practice star rating.

General Rules

    1. The judges’ decision is final.
    2. The Entry Fee must be paid to present and participate in Round 2.
    3. The winner of the Global Benchmarking Award is prohibited from entering again for a period of 3 years

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